Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh my holy flu

WEll after my last post we all started dropping like flies. First Samantha then Jake next a call from school to go get Taylor. Wait we are not done Scott and I got it too . All at the same time. Which was fine for everyone but the Mommy.I know it sounds like whining ....Yes you are right it is. I just don't like to have to cook and clean while having the flu especially the mess the flu brings. I was just so thankful it was only a short one. Give me kids with a fever who just want to snuggle any day. Normally my husband is the cleaner of the throw-up ......but he just looked at me and said I'm out! .....OH! Yeah for me! Thankfully we are all well now and it is just a funny story. This is what makes the journey so great all the little stories. I will try and post not gross stories this week ......Maybe

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