Friday, March 24, 2017

Time to start again!

I am starting a blog for my adventures in blue polyester and revisited this old blog. Oh how I miss these little faces! So fun to look back at these precious and ridiculous memories. I think it is time to start this again.
          Last night we had Tay's soccer banquet. It was an interesting season filled with highs and lows. She had really wanted to make the Varsity team but was playing JV. She was super bummed and when our keeper got hurt she stepped up and said she would play that position. This is not a position she has ever played she is a right mid or forward. She gave it her all and got pulled up to Varsity as a keeper. WHAT??? She did a great job back there and ended up getting her Varsity Letter! Who knows what position she will play next year! As I was driving Tay home we were talking about how we respond to being disappointed. Do you let it destroy you or rise above? Some people spend all their time complaining about all the everythings! I am amazed at how some people find the negative in absolutely every situation. They point out things I completely missed and had no idea I was supposed to be angry about! It was funny because I gave her several examples of situations without naming people and she immediately knew who I was talking about. Is that really how you want to be known? As the one who always finds the negative, even when it isn't really there? Well here is the deal, I try really hard to not go there! Find the good and hold on tight to that! People are human! They make mistakes, not to harm you but just not a perfect response. I know there are ridiculous people who do go out of their way to hurt (been there done that) but as a whole I don't believe that is most people. Treat people how you want to be treated! Show grace! Life is so much better when you live this way... Oh and for the bad apples be kind but keep a safe distance! Who has time for that nonsense LOL!!! Proud of my girl and her mostly rise above attitude!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bedtime prayers

I love listening to my kids say their prayers ! Sometimes they are very long and drawn out , but I love them. When the girls were little they would often include every stuffed animal, doll, purse and of course lip gloss. It is good to be thankful especially for purses and lip gloss. As they have gotten older their prayers tend to mimic my style of prayer. This is often humbling . I am molding and teaching their hearts. Sometimes this is done in patience others in frustration, but always with the intent of raising kids who love and honor God. Nothing is more convicting than realizing your kids are copying you. Especially when it comes to their relationship with God.

Earlier in the car we were talking about the pastor in Iran who is set to be executed for being a Christian .To save his life all he has to do is deny Christ. This was very shocking to my girls. But their comment was they can kill him but he will get to live with Jesus forever! He can't say what they want. I guess this stayed with them because tonight Sam prayed for Jesus to give the pastor the strength to stand up for Him. And to save him if that was what God wanted. Tay prayed for him as well, and for his family to be brave . Wow ! Powerful words for little girls!

Tonight Jake was praying and in the middle he says "Oh one more thing God, I love you more than anyone else! And Jesus too! "

It is these moments that bring me to my knees . I am thankful for these times with them !

Friday, September 23, 2011

Deep Gayer

Deep thoughts at dinner....By:Sam of course
   At dinner last night Sam excitedly told me she has found where she belongs !
Sam~ Mom today I ate lunch at the table with all the boys ! Did you know they have burping contests,and arm wrestling? It was AWESOME!!! Then Carson was eating this tortilla thing and he said it was so good so he took it out of his mouth and gave me a bite ! Me~ Sam that is gross please don't eat food from other peoples mouth ! Sam~ Mom it gave it extra flavor !!!! I have found where I fit in ! I am going to sit there again for sure ! Me~ That is awesome :/

One of the greatest things about being a mom is getting to say things like" don't eat food that has been in other peoples mouths" The list of these types of things is long but never stops amusing me. Here are a few of my favorites you will notice a theme of grossness and of course lots of pee. Cant be helped ! I guess the best part is the tone that I end up with. You know the teachery, calm , is that really your best choice voice. About half way through it is all I can do not to laugh at the absurd words I am speaking. Love it !

~We do not  pee on other people, even your sister
~We pee in the toilet not in the sink (actually Sam and Tay not Jake when they were 4 and 5)
~No wiping buggers on the wall or furniture for any reason
~ Do not eat other peoples buggers or even your own for that matter
~We do not pee outside (unless the bathrooms are locked at soccer)
~We do not stuff things in the toilet especially to see how much will fit
~Do not wash your hands in the urinal it is NOT a sink ( close call on that one)
~Ants and rolly pollys are not our new pets and need to stay outside !

Friday, September 16, 2011

First day of school

This year marks a huge milestone in the Gayer house. Caitlen is a junior in college at CAl State Fullerton ,Taylor is in 6th grade, Sammy is in 4th grade and Jake is in kindergarten. Crazy right ! Where has the time gone. It feels like Jake was just born and now is at school all day. At this rate he will be graduating high school tomorrow. The kids all have amazing teachers this year. I love them all.I am sure this will be a year of growth for them all. You will notice the lack of Caitlen pictures. She refused to come by and let me take her picture ! So No pictures for her ! I am excited for her Junior year and I know she will thrive .

After school Jamba juice ! It was so hot this day !

Jake had a great first day ! I actually went to high school with his teacher,Mrs.Ohman. She is so sweet and we are thankful to have her.It is hard dropping your baby for the first day of kinder! You worry about their friends and behavior and well everything! As I was saying goodbye I started to cry then I looked down at my perfectly happy boy sitting at his table with a huge smile . I sucked it up so he would not see me lose it and kissed him one last time. He was so tired when we picked him up he had to lay down while we waited for the girls to get out. He was so excited he didn't eat his breakfast and came home with a full lunch box. For about a week every day when I picked him up he would say "I can't leave mom I still have more to learn " So cute. Hopefully this hunger for knowledge continues.

Samantha got one of my all time favorite teachers Mrs.Jones . Taylor had her for 3rd and 4th grade. She is a neat christian lady whom I adore! Sam also got ALL of her best friends in her class. She is so excited and is going to have a great year! I had to run from class to class to get these cute little shots, which with 3 kids is crazyness. I was late getting to Sams class ,So as I peaked in and blew her a kiss Mrs.Jones saw and called me in gave me a huge hug, and let me take Sam's picture. See here is a teacher who understands the importance of a sitting at your desk the first day of school shot !

Tay was nervous to begin this year after the trauma that was 5th grade. We prayed all summer for her teacher this year. Mrs.Buckett is going to be great for Taylor. She is excited to teach and wants to make it creative and fun. Wow what concept! It is going to be tough Taylor has a lot of ground to make up . But I am sure she will do great this year! I can not wait to see all God has planned for my little girl this year !

Jake all set . He was so excited!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Deep thoughts

Deep thoughts by Samantha Gayer............

It is embarrassing to fart in class.....But it sure feels good!

I am not a sensitive child, but ever since I fell of the swing and landed on my head I have been feeling kinda funny, emotional even. I mean I cried at school today ! I never do that !!

Sam~ When I grow up I am going to live in a tree with my kids and husband! Luke : No boy would ever want to do that ! Sam~ The boy I marry will !

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Camp Sherman

A few weeks ago Samantha and I went to Camp Sherman with her brownie troop. Let me just say it was soo much fun! There is no other set of moms I would want to do this with. Hiking, archery, songs, canoeing, and so much more. I am so blessed to get to do these things with my littles . I wouldn't trade these memories for anything !Here are a whole bunch of pictures of adventures. Oh and the beautiful necklace I am wearing is handmade by Samantha ! Am I a lucky mom or what !

Sam and Syd ....well being Sam and Syd! These two have way to much fun together!

Sammy and Leanne

No surprise here! Thats my girl!

Leanne,Sam,Sydney,Jessica,Lizzie,Jordan,Delany and Kate

Silly girls

Serving up breakfast

bunk time !


Bulls eye baby !

My sweet girl

The three musketeers

The whole gang

Sam was in heaven climbing all the rocks. Made my heart smile to watch her . This girl is a monkey!

Go Sam !!

Canoeing! Our butts were so wet !

The girls had to clean the house before we left. So funny they started singing "It's a hard knock life" as they mopped the floor

Oh Oh lay lay Oh lay lay tiki tonga.........

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wild Animal Park

We took our wild bunch to the Wild Animal Park . I love hanging out with my little guys they are so fun. We rode the tram and hiked all through the park. It was neat to see how excited the kids were to see there favorite animals.

Tay loved all the animals.

Sam loves Giraffes.

Jake loves the cheetahs.

My favorite guys !