Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving Thanks

It comes as no surprise I am sure that this is on being thankful. This time of year how could it not.I am usually really good at this. Being thankful that is. My husband and kids are amazing . I know I have alot to praise God for. But sometimes life gets in the way So read on about my week of gratitude.
Well the kids and I made a tree in our kitchen and they each wrote on the leaves what they were thankful for. It was a fun way to get them to really think about all God has given us and how all things come from Him. We also looked up a bunch of verses about giving thanks to God. But all to often giving thanks always is overlooked. This has been a hard year for us , between job instability and craziness with the kids there have been some stressful times. But time and again God has provided. He has used different angels at different times, but his provision was there none the less. And it is an understatement to say how grateful I am. But sometimes I falter........ The other day I was not showing gratitude it was actually well , attitude and not in a good way. I was stressed about Christmas and how we were going to make it all come together. The tree, presents for the kids, Christmas cards,....... the list just keeps getting longer. But I should have known my God was bigger than all that. He let me have my stupid pity party then proceeded to answer my worries ( because I did not actually give those requests over to him ) and in one week God showered me with grace.
First I got 100 free Christmas cards. Yes Free I did not even have to pay for shipping or buy anything else. 100 is exactly the number of cards I normally buy. Next was the tree. I just could not justify spending money we do not have on a tree. I was thinking maybe we could make and decorate a big paper tree . My sister called and said they were getting a new artificial tree and wanted to know if we wanted there old one. YES! Next Scott's mom dropped by with stamps. I know it just keeps getting better, she thought it would help. I almost cried. But wait there is still more. My neighbor was cleaning out her girls room and wanted to know if the girls liked American Girl dolls. Her daughters have outgrown them, and have 2 doll beds , not just 1 but 2 and a bunch of doll clothes. These were actual things on my girls Christmas list. Now they are hidden in the rafters waiting for Christmas. I am sure my neighbor was a bit surprised as I choked back tears and asked if she was sure they wanted to give them to us. With a big smile she assured me they did. And you know what God sent us 2 other angels this week that know exactly how they helped and at just exactly the right moment. I am so blessed, and awed by my God. In the midst of my pity party He did all of this. I know these are all lame and materialistic just wants not NEEDS. That is one reason I feel so touched. There is no way these things happened without God. To prove it he hit me with exacts. I never doubted I just thought they were to small and lame for God. Well I can tell you my attitude is better! Thank you so much to all who touched my heart this week ! God used you this week and I am soooooo Thankful !
The other night as I tucked Jake in I asked him what he was thankful for ? He looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said " me thankful for you mom " AGGGHHH he melts my heart.

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