Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Bunnies

Well we have had our little bunnies for a few months now so I guess its time to update. Not my first choice of pet but they are pretty cute. When I caught Sam petting snails in the back yard I knew it was time for a pet with fur. Not an easy task when Jake is allergic to dogs and Scott is allergic to cats and No I am not going down the rodent path. So bunnies it is.
First we got cookie the black and white one and a few months later Bella joined our family. I had wanted 2 girls so they could play and be friends. We were told cookie was a girl......Well we introduced them and they REALLY liked each other. AAAGGGHH !!! We quickly intervened and decided either we had lesbian bunnies or Cookie was a boy.We were not sure exactly how to tell if they were male or female. So Scott and I looked on line and looked at Cookie and then we got another opinion . This was something we needed to be very sure of. Well of course she is a he. The lady told us they can have babies every 31 days. WOW! I wish it was that easy for us. Now they can only be friends from afar. Hopefully the kids don't let them both out at the same time. As always everything is an adventure. Cookie


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