Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Dentist

The last two days I have had to get up at 3:00 am . Really not my favorite time to awake. But United does not seem to care that I can not go to sleep until after midnight or that I get crabby when I never get to sleep. I flew in this morning from Washington D.C. and got home just in time to meet Scott and Taylor at the dentist. Tay has had a tooth that has been hurting and I could see a cavity on another tooth .I wish I could tell you how brave she was and how she didn't even flinch. But the would be a big fat lie. This is what really happened....So I knew this was going to be a huge deal. Taylor hates shots. I know every one hates them even I want to cry a little when I see those needles. But my little girl REALLY hates them. She goes into panic survival mode. She just kind of freaks out. She starts trying to get away and yelling at the doctor to leave her alone, and not touch her. I want to laugh because she is being crazy and then I see the terrified look on her little face and I start to cry to. Well I get tears in my eyes so I pull it together and try to reel her back in . Not easy. So this is what happens for a regular little shot in the arm can you even imagine the panic and mayhem when she discovered they were going to give the shot in her mouth? Not her best moment ! Its really WORSE than I am making it sound . They told her she was scaring all the other patients, and when we left every one in the waiting room asked if she was the one screaming,and if she was O K . Of course he had to renumb it 4 times to get it all numb . Not good. Even the sight of that ugly needle sent her over the edge. One tooth was abscessed so it had to come out and then she has 2 other cavities. I am not sure how this happened she is a great little brusher and drinks only water. I was a little bummed because he pulled the 1 tooth and said he was done . That means we have to come back for round 2. She has already told us she wants no part of that and she is going to wiggle the other teeth out so she does not have to go back EVER. I really hope Tay gets those teeth out too ! I am so thankful Scott was there today he is so patient and calm. He has a way of holding us all together. We make a great team. Lucky me I have such a great husband. So here is a picture with her little treasure box with her big fat hurty tooth inside. I am sure the tooth fairy will be most impressed with this special tooth tonight.

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