Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First day of school

Well it's official summer is over and school is in. Well at least for my little girls. Taylor is now a big third grader and Sam has graduated up to the big playground and is now in first grade. They were both so excited to start this new adventure. Sam is still conviced school should start much later so she can sleep in. She is right she is a bear in the morning! We are so blessed this year and both girls have incredible teachers. Sammy has the same teacher Taylor had last year. This was a huge answer to prayer because we did not think she would get into that class. But as always God is looking out for my little ones and just a few days before school was to start a spot opened up. Usually I walk the kids to there class and take pictures of them at there new desks . Well I am finding it is really hard to do this with 2 . Luckily Sam's class went in first so I went in with her . So cute she is so little her feet don't even touch the floor at her desk. For some reason this was the breaking point for me. I didn't even know I was sad ,but there I was trying not to cry kissing my big little girl goodbye.
Then I was running ,seriously I was running across campus to get to Tays class . I got there just as they were walking in. Which is good because this was a moment that I was not supposed to miss . This year Taylor is in the same class as her best friend Christine. This is another huge answer to prayer. The teacher let them pick where they wanted to sit so Tay and Christine ran to the front of the class and got front row seats right next to each other. This to touched my heart. I am so thankful she has such a sweet best friend. Look at that little face she is so excited!
Taylor and Christine

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Alice said...

Wow!!! Thanks for the updates :) I love the 1st day of school pictures! The girls are so BIG!!! Can't believe summer is over for you already :( Well... now you should have tons of time for Soap Operas & Bon Bons, right??? You only have one left at home :) Love you!