Sunday, July 19, 2009

Caitlens Graduation

Ok so I know its been a while now but we have been busy ! So sit back relax and enjoy the update.
What a fun and exciting day Cates graduation was. There was no stress over whether she would or would not graduate. In fact she did very well ! I just can't believe my baby is done with High School. NO more Volleyball or Water Polo games or swim meets. Wow that went fast. I am so proud of her. Caitlen will be heading to Cal Poly Pomona to start her next adventure. The plan is to commute , and major in business. Proud Mom and Dad with our graduation girl
This is a huge swarm of bees that flew over us during the ceremony. There are thousands of them and we were all stuck in the stands. Made it a little more exciting as the called the 600+ graduates. Oh we also had a streaker . Crazy kids !

That's my girl !

She was not thrilled with the gold gown . But I thought she looked great !

Her cute new dress to hide under the gown.

Yeah we are done !!! Nothing like the excitement of a job well done and complete.

Daddy's girl !

What a journey this was. Not that its done .... I got choked up as they played the graduation song , then pulled it together. But on the way home with just Scotty and I in the car I started to cry . He thought I was kidding but , no I was really crying. It's just I started this mom thing at such a young age and have always felt like people were waiting for me to fail. This felt like one more step to proving we could do it and do it well. I know its been 18 years and 3 more kids later and who really cares. Well I guess I did ,I just didn't realize it until that moment. So I was surprised at how much this hit me. My girl did it she graduated and got in to a great school. God is faithful ! He brought us through this journey. It has been a long one filled with some (ok many ) mistakes . Yet God has been there picking up the pieces when I fail Him, He never fails me. How comforting to know that we have such an amazing God filled with grace and mercy for us. So I will continue to trust in the Lord as the journey continues. Please continue to pray for us as we take on this next step of life.

Grandma Cleo and Grandpa Mel (Scott's parents )

Grandma Melodie and Grandpa Steve (My parents )

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melo said...

Fun're a great mom!!!
Great job Caitlen :)