Saturday, May 9, 2009

The thought that counts

As Mothers day is fast approaching I am a little nervous. Why you might ask.....Breakfast in bed ! TV has made this out to be quite the coveted thing. And there are even some of you Moms perpetuating the myth. Well fear not I am here to clear it up. Please know that I am not being ungrateful. just real. I love the thought just not the after math.
It all starts with the giggling of little girls as they sneak by my bed. SHHHHHH don't wake Mom we are going to make her a surprise ! Not sure who exactly they are talking to because they are on my side of the bed and Scott is still snoring Really loud. Being the good Mom that I am I pretend to still be asleep.... Until I here the words lets make pancakes ! OH NO ! First they have no idea how to make these and second syrup. No need to expound ! So at this point I have to speak out. No syrup ! I assure them I am still sleeping and syrup is a BAD , BAD, idea. Those of you who know my littles know I am right. Caitlen of course is sleeping and Scott is too. So Sammy and Taylor head off to the kitchen.
Now in case you are wondering this is not a peaceful time relaxing in my bed. I am going to have to actually eat what they bring in ,and clean up the mess. After a few minutes of torture I decide Scotty needs to intervene. He reluctantly agrees after threat of bodily harm and heads off. Once again not ungrateful just real....... So after a very loud time in the kitchen they traipse back in . with a tray filled with things I never eat. I am just sooo happy that I offer to share . They insist I relax and eat alone. But I insist they come crawl in bed and we share. They finally agree . It is a priceless moment. Maybe its not such a bad thing. Now that I am remembering it does sound sweet.
So now that we are late for Church (because its usually Sunday morning they decide to treat me. ) As I run around trying to get everyone ready I see what was my kitchen . Oh yes it is as bad as you imagine ! By this time Scott is very apologetic and late for work, the kids are full of promise to clean it up when we get back from church, And I am wondering how exactly they made such a huge mess. Well , No that's not true I am not all that confused on the how the mess happened part.
Lord ,thank you so much for blessing me with such sweet ,thoughtful , and yes even messy kids. I know that I am the luckiest Mom ever. And could not get through the day without the strength that could only come from you. I strive to be the Mom that glorifies you in all I do . I daily fall short but try none the less. Thank you for letting me be there Mom . I promise to do my best to teach them to love you .
I hope you all have as much fun tomorrow as I know I am going to have . Happy Mother's Day !!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That is a riot! I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the comment where you assure them you ARE sleeping but that syrup is a bad, bad idea. Sounds like your house is a wonderful place to be...Happy Mother's Day! -melinda