Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hume Lake Hume

Hume Lake is one of my very favorite places. I have been going there since I was 2. My parents,Grandparents,Aunt and Uncle built it from the ground up . For those of you who have never heard of it it is a Christian camp ground in the Sequoia's. All around it there are private cabins. God has used this place to touch many lives. We try and go up every summer at least once. This year we went while Caitlen was at camp. It is always fun to watch all the crazy games they play and see God at work in there lives. Here is a glimpse of our little adventure. Part of the Lake
This is a huge mud pit. One of many dirty ,crazy games the kids played.Sam of course thought this was great and begged Cate to let her go in.

Sam ,Jake and little flopsy. Yes that is a bunny on a leash!

Sammy girl and little Flopsy. We could not leave our little bunny at home. So Sam would take her for walks during game time.

Taylor had a few turns too. She was afraid the bunny would escape so she let Sam have most of the turns.

Swimming in the Lake. Very brave its a little cold !

Jake refused to swim in the pool. But loved the lake. Weird kid !

Everyday the girls would search for tadpoles. They found a bunch which we had to bring back to the cabin. Thankfully they did not spill in the car. This would be something that would typically happen to me.

The BLOB....... Taylor is normally my reserved child. She does not like to try scary new things. But this year she said she was ready to go on the blob and Noah's nightmare. So up she went to the top and much to my surprise she jumped right off ! I was so proud of her ! Way to go little one ! She did not let the next person blob her she slid off and swam to shore. The kid in line behind her was huge it was a good call.

OK so this is Noah's nightmare. It is a ring you swing out on and then in the MIDDLE of the lake you let go. We went over how this is done and she was ready to go. Well she swung out and I yelled LET GO ! But Tay decided it might be cold and she did not want to swim that far. So she dropped right next to shore. I mean she was so close I don't even think it took 1 stroke to make it to shore. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Here is my little girl and there is nothing I can do but watch what I am sure is going to be her death at worst and a broken neck at best. The lifeguard was up on his feet and almost jumped in too. I was not the only one with a heart beating on over drive. Thankfully she was fine and calmly explained she did not want to swim that far. Got to love her ! Oh and this is the only picture because of the drama in my head.

A sea of crazy High School kids. How fun does this look. It was spirit day so they are all dressed up.

Caitlens team they took first place this year ! Way to go guys!

The fearless leaders! These are 2 of my sweet friends who answered the call to lead this wild pack of girls. They are women who love God and I admire them greatly ! Thanks girlies for being willing to leave your families for a week and council our kids. You do a great job !

The girls from Grace ! Yes this is after the mud games I was talking about. Love it !

Caitlen and Ellen. They have known each other since birth. I love these girlies !

Ok so let me explain......There is a game at Hume that has been played well forever. It was my favorite and I am proud to say my daughter loves it as well. It is called Kajabe can can . Now this will bring back found memories for some. The deal is you each hold on to a small rope and make a circle around a trash can. Then you try and force your opponent into the can. Usually there are about 12 girls to start. Cate will not like the picture above but she fought the good fight and was the last one in. Good job baby !

Not out !Good save babe

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Alice said...

Ahhh... Hume!!! You beat me to it, Heather :) I have yet to post my pictures :) Such fun memories for the kids and for me! I must be famous... I made it to your blog!!! Love you!