Friday, September 11, 2009

Mud Run Baby

It all started with a call from my girlfriend Christina....... She had 2 extra tickets to the mud run and I had thought this looked like a lot of fun. I know I am crazy but well you know ! Anyway we had no extra money for the race so when che called I really was excited. So off we went. At the last minute Christina and I decided we should run with the girls. Good thing because it was caos. The course was not well marked and a lot of kids got lost for a while. Taylor is very competitive so as soon as they said go she was off. We met up with her at a double back point and Sam just turned around and finished the race with Tay. So Fun ! After the race we found a spicket on a hill and sprayed the kids off. They were gross. Thanks Chris for sharing in the crazy fun and scoring us the tickets . This is an event we will not soon forget ! I love this picture. Seriously look at her scale this wall !
The mud was so thick it ate Sammy's shoes ! It took a while to dig them out. They were so caked in mud she ran the rest of the race in her sockies. I am not sure Sam could have gotten them out by herself. Just one more reason I was glad I ran with her.

At one point in the crazyness we met up with Tay. So Sam turned around and ran with her. The look on Taylor's face is my favorite. She is having a great time !

Sammy,Brooke,Mariah,Taylor and Miranda
Some of the kids after the race. I love that my kids are athletic and love this kind of stuff. It makes my heart smile !

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