Monday, May 3, 2010


Last month Sam decided she was tired of sharing a room so she would move to the bathroom.So she gathered her blankets and pillow and crawled in the tub. She slept there all night. There were some benefits. No fighting with her sister ,no egging her brother to get out of bed, no talking and laughing. So the next night she wanted to sleep there again and we said SURE ! This time she brought in dolls and stuffed animals and even pinned her soccer pin on the shower curtain. She slept there for about a week and then moved back to her bed. I love how creative and quirky my little one is.

This is where I found her this time. She dumped out all the clothes and taped the baskets together. She is a nut !!!

I know the room is a mess . Partly because she dumped out the basket and partly because my children are part pig !

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