Monday, May 3, 2010

Hiking the Hills

I love hiking in the hills! Last summer a group of us would go several days a week and run/walk the hills. It is so beautiful up here. Taylor's soccer coach has taken the team on several hikes up here now and they are a blast. Even the little kids enjoy it most of the time. We have gone 4-8 miles on each hike. The 8 mile hike took us all the way to Irvine park. ending with a huge hill at the end. Jake was crying and I am not going to lie I wanted to too. Dragging /carrying 2 kids is not all that easy. After the 8 mile hike Jake and Sam decided to hang out with Aunt Billie instead of with us. I did not push it. It is amazing how easy it felt without 70 pounds of drag . It was a beautiful day and Taylor and I had a great time !

I think God put these flowers here just for us today. They were so pretty and were taller than us. They were all along the trail and it was so cool to walk through them.

Tay wanted to be done right here. Not even close !

The team !

Jamba juice is a great way to finish the day ! So fun to spend the day with great friends and my little Tay.

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