Saturday, October 9, 2010

The story of Richard

Richards story is not a long one but heart felt none the less.Last month Sam caught a lizard in our back yard. She does this pretty much everyday so I am not sure how this one got to stay. Well stay he did . Craziest thing you have ever seen he would just sit on her homework paper while she worked.Ride on her shirt or in his cage while she roller bladed oh and even sit next to me for hours in the grass during soccer practice. I have many witness who can confirm this madness. Yes we fed him. At first Sam caught crickets for him. Not sure how because I can never catch them. Then we moved on to meal worms and ants. Richard lived with us for about 3 weeks then one night he did not wake up. :( It was a very sad day so after Scott got home from work we had a service in the back yard. We said a few words and prayed. Sam started sobbing with her hand over her face. Not gonna lie I teared up as well. It is so hard to watch your kids hurt. He was a very special lizard who we will never forget ! Homework time . He sat there the entire time she did her work!

Just hanging out

Rollerblading..... I know in a bikini with a lizard. This is our crazyness

Playing in the yard

I just showed Sam what I wrote and she teared up and said "it's good mom "!She kills me!!!!

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