Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ipod drama

This post is crazy long but I want this memory documented. Believe it or not this really did happen to us !
For Christmas this year we decided the little girls were old enough for ipods. I thought I would just go to Target and buy a nano and be done. No things never are that easy for me. They changed the nanos this year so they are really small and don't play video ,and so the quest to find last years model began!
I found them on ebay for a good price so I got one for each of them . ( Sam wanted lizards and not an ipod but I knew there would be fighting if only Tay got one . Lizard post to follow.) So I bought them , and 2 days letter ebay sent a note saying we might not get them the vendor was pulled. AAAGGGHHH !!! So we wait and sure enough they came. I literally jumped up and down and thanked the mail man profusely because I was so excited. This was going to be the best Christmas ever!
Well as most of you know things do not ever go that easy for me. So Christmas Eve we removed them from the cases and of course they were fake. So frustrating ! All the stores were closed and no big gift for Tay. Scott had gotten Sam the lizards so she was covered but poor Tay just got promises of an ipod . She took it fine and I was thankful she is so sweet.
I went on Apple's web site to get her a refurbished nano but they were out. So we gave her the choice to wait or get the new one. She chose to wait......a week later still nothing, wait ,wait, wait! Then a refurbished i touch for the same price as the nano comes up. We decide to get that! So I buy it and she is ecstatic! But no conformation email comes so I call apple and they have no record of my purchase and of course they are now out of them. AAGGHHH! Tay again is ever patient.
Another 2 weeks go buy and still nothing available. So Scott and I decide to buy her a new one. Way more than we wanted to spend but this was getting out of control . We started out spending $71.50 then $149 now we were up to $229 . So I bought her the new one had it engraved for free and finally we could be done! An hour later Scott calls to tell me they have a refurbished ones again. Of course they do ! I call apple and they have already engraved and prepared it to be shipped. I explained my whole drama and the guy said he would let me return it this one time. All I have to do is ship it back after we get it. So I purchase the other one as well. I have now bought 4 ipods and have nothing to give my daughter .
Yesterday the i touch's came and Taylor is so excited! I have been fighting with the vendors on ebay for the last month but they have finally agreed to a full refund. All I have to do is return the fakes. Sounds easy but they gave me the address in Chinese. Iprinted it out and took it to the post office and the lady said it had to be printed on the shipping envelope. I told her I can't write Chinese and she told me to find a Chinese person and bring them with me. REALLY ??? Oh yes that was her answer. Thankfully I do know a Chinese person (thanks Alice) and she translated for me. We started off spending $143.00 and ended at $521.00 I can't wait for all the refunds to come in !!What a disaster. I will never buy anything on ebay again !
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and more luck shopping than we did !


babyrndeb said...

only you....your stories always crack me up - you really should write a book.
I feel like a fly on the wall and totally see it when you describe things.
Love you girlie!

Alice said...

Glad to be of service :)

Chinese Person