Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary Babe!

On February 5th Scotty and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. Yay us ! It is crazy to think that it all started 17 years ago with a kiss after a superbowl party . Actually it goes even further back to junior high, but since he thought I was a dork back then we will skip to the part where he actually wanted to hang out with me. So thank you to his friend who bet him I would never go out with him ! Scotty won that bet ! Man I love this guy! I am so glad he is my husband , best friend and the father of our beautiful kids. I am truly blessed! He knows me like no one else and loves me anyway! He laughs when he comes home to find me singing (way off key and making up my own lyrics ) and crazy dancing with the kids . He is patient when I am not and wise when I am impulsive. We are a great balance to each other! I could go on and on but I guess I will save that for him . So babe thanks for choosing me to be your wife ! I love you more today than when we started !

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ILiveOnDrPepper said...

I love you two :) And I love all of your kiddos, too!