Friday, March 4, 2011

State Cup 2011

Beautiful Lancaster in January. This year Taylor's team played in the State Cup. The girls did a great job and won the first 4 games they played and made it to the final 16 teams. They were defeated in a hard fought game in the sweet 16. I am so proud of them ! Scotty was able to get time off and get us a motorhome for the Lancaster games. It was so much fun to have him there and to be able to stay at the fields with our friends the Keefe's. It was freezing but still great.Way to go CFC!!! I can not wait for next year .

So cold!!!and windy too!

Sammy girl

It was just to far to walk to the bathroom. These two are quite a team!

Her little hands tucked in her shirt to stay warm. CRAZY cold!!

Tough Tay crushing the Celtics!

Of course the geckos came with us.

SOOOO fun to sleep here !

Field to field transportation.

Jordan and Jake staying warm between games. Jordan is so sweet to the little guys!

Games in our jammies. This is the way to travel for soccer for sure. Just wake up and the field is right outside the door.

Love these girls !

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