Friday, March 4, 2011


After all that happened with Richard (the lizard) We decided to get Sammy a gecko for Christmas. It was the only thing she wanted! So we started looking to see what our options were. She decided she liked the crested geckos the best. We found a girl on craigslist that was selling baby geckos and we were so excited. Hoping if we got the gecko young it would like to be held, and well loved. So Scott and I headed to Garden Grove to get our new pet. Of course it looked like some crack house and I was afraid we were going to die. I am not joking it was the dirtiest grossest house I have ever been in. Trash and stuff everywhere, the floor all ripped up and the smell AAGGGHH! They were in the back bedroom and as we walked back I was having flashes of law and order and CSI running through my head. Thank God Scott did not let me go alone ! Well we went for 1 and came home with 3. I know I never wanted to go back there again. Sammy was so excited Christmas morning! After all presents were opened Scotty came out and told her he cut his hand as he opened it there was her gecko. She screamed and hugged him . Taylor hid in the corner and cried. She hates lizards. Scott then came out with the other 2 and said they needed friends. Taylor just cried and buried her head in a pillow. She has now adjusted and will even hold them. Sammy loves them and not even to death yet. So here are our newest members of our crazy family! This is jumper.

Sammy made a lizard circus one day and taught them how to walk a tight rope. Yep they made it across. And no lizards were hurt in the performance. She was so proud of herself and her pets !
This is jumper crossing the rope. He made it across !



And last but not least Gary ! Not sure if they are boys or girls yet but I am sure with our luck there is a mix of both. I will let you know if we get eggs.

The whole gang.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry but don't do that your killing the lizard and treating them horribly