Friday, September 16, 2011

First day of school

This year marks a huge milestone in the Gayer house. Caitlen is a junior in college at CAl State Fullerton ,Taylor is in 6th grade, Sammy is in 4th grade and Jake is in kindergarten. Crazy right ! Where has the time gone. It feels like Jake was just born and now is at school all day. At this rate he will be graduating high school tomorrow. The kids all have amazing teachers this year. I love them all.I am sure this will be a year of growth for them all. You will notice the lack of Caitlen pictures. She refused to come by and let me take her picture ! So No pictures for her ! I am excited for her Junior year and I know she will thrive .

After school Jamba juice ! It was so hot this day !

Jake had a great first day ! I actually went to high school with his teacher,Mrs.Ohman. She is so sweet and we are thankful to have her.It is hard dropping your baby for the first day of kinder! You worry about their friends and behavior and well everything! As I was saying goodbye I started to cry then I looked down at my perfectly happy boy sitting at his table with a huge smile . I sucked it up so he would not see me lose it and kissed him one last time. He was so tired when we picked him up he had to lay down while we waited for the girls to get out. He was so excited he didn't eat his breakfast and came home with a full lunch box. For about a week every day when I picked him up he would say "I can't leave mom I still have more to learn " So cute. Hopefully this hunger for knowledge continues.

Samantha got one of my all time favorite teachers Mrs.Jones . Taylor had her for 3rd and 4th grade. She is a neat christian lady whom I adore! Sam also got ALL of her best friends in her class. She is so excited and is going to have a great year! I had to run from class to class to get these cute little shots, which with 3 kids is crazyness. I was late getting to Sams class ,So as I peaked in and blew her a kiss Mrs.Jones saw and called me in gave me a huge hug, and let me take Sam's picture. See here is a teacher who understands the importance of a sitting at your desk the first day of school shot !

Tay was nervous to begin this year after the trauma that was 5th grade. We prayed all summer for her teacher this year. Mrs.Buckett is going to be great for Taylor. She is excited to teach and wants to make it creative and fun. Wow what concept! It is going to be tough Taylor has a lot of ground to make up . But I am sure she will do great this year! I can not wait to see all God has planned for my little girl this year !

Jake all set . He was so excited!

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