Friday, September 23, 2011

Deep Gayer

Deep thoughts at dinner....By:Sam of course
   At dinner last night Sam excitedly told me she has found where she belongs !
Sam~ Mom today I ate lunch at the table with all the boys ! Did you know they have burping contests,and arm wrestling? It was AWESOME!!! Then Carson was eating this tortilla thing and he said it was so good so he took it out of his mouth and gave me a bite ! Me~ Sam that is gross please don't eat food from other peoples mouth ! Sam~ Mom it gave it extra flavor !!!! I have found where I fit in ! I am going to sit there again for sure ! Me~ That is awesome :/

One of the greatest things about being a mom is getting to say things like" don't eat food that has been in other peoples mouths" The list of these types of things is long but never stops amusing me. Here are a few of my favorites you will notice a theme of grossness and of course lots of pee. Cant be helped ! I guess the best part is the tone that I end up with. You know the teachery, calm , is that really your best choice voice. About half way through it is all I can do not to laugh at the absurd words I am speaking. Love it !

~We do not  pee on other people, even your sister
~We pee in the toilet not in the sink (actually Sam and Tay not Jake when they were 4 and 5)
~No wiping buggers on the wall or furniture for any reason
~ Do not eat other peoples buggers or even your own for that matter
~We do not pee outside (unless the bathrooms are locked at soccer)
~We do not stuff things in the toilet especially to see how much will fit
~Do not wash your hands in the urinal it is NOT a sink ( close call on that one)
~Ants and rolly pollys are not our new pets and need to stay outside !

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