Friday, March 24, 2017

Time to start again!

I am starting a blog for my adventures in blue polyester and revisited this old blog. Oh how I miss these little faces! So fun to look back at these precious and ridiculous memories. I think it is time to start this again.
          Last night we had Tay's soccer banquet. It was an interesting season filled with highs and lows. She had really wanted to make the Varsity team but was playing JV. She was super bummed and when our keeper got hurt she stepped up and said she would play that position. This is not a position she has ever played she is a right mid or forward. She gave it her all and got pulled up to Varsity as a keeper. WHAT??? She did a great job back there and ended up getting her Varsity Letter! Who knows what position she will play next year! As I was driving Tay home we were talking about how we respond to being disappointed. Do you let it destroy you or rise above? Some people spend all their time complaining about all the everythings! I am amazed at how some people find the negative in absolutely every situation. They point out things I completely missed and had no idea I was supposed to be angry about! It was funny because I gave her several examples of situations without naming people and she immediately knew who I was talking about. Is that really how you want to be known? As the one who always finds the negative, even when it isn't really there? Well here is the deal, I try really hard to not go there! Find the good and hold on tight to that! People are human! They make mistakes, not to harm you but just not a perfect response. I know there are ridiculous people who do go out of their way to hurt (been there done that) but as a whole I don't believe that is most people. Treat people how you want to be treated! Show grace! Life is so much better when you live this way... Oh and for the bad apples be kind but keep a safe distance! Who has time for that nonsense LOL!!! Proud of my girl and her mostly rise above attitude!

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