Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bedtime prayers

I love listening to my kids say their prayers ! Sometimes they are very long and drawn out , but I love them. When the girls were little they would often include every stuffed animal, doll, purse and of course lip gloss. It is good to be thankful especially for purses and lip gloss. As they have gotten older their prayers tend to mimic my style of prayer. This is often humbling . I am molding and teaching their hearts. Sometimes this is done in patience others in frustration, but always with the intent of raising kids who love and honor God. Nothing is more convicting than realizing your kids are copying you. Especially when it comes to their relationship with God.

Earlier in the car we were talking about the pastor in Iran who is set to be executed for being a Christian .To save his life all he has to do is deny Christ. This was very shocking to my girls. But their comment was they can kill him but he will get to live with Jesus forever! He can't say what they want. I guess this stayed with them because tonight Sam prayed for Jesus to give the pastor the strength to stand up for Him. And to save him if that was what God wanted. Tay prayed for him as well, and for his family to be brave . Wow ! Powerful words for little girls!

Tonight Jake was praying and in the middle he says "Oh one more thing God, I love you more than anyone else! And Jesus too! "

It is these moments that bring me to my knees . I am thankful for these times with them !

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