Monday, August 25, 2008

Girls Weekend at the hotel Del

I have had such a great week! Cleo (Scotts Mom) treated us to a 3 days in San Diego at the hotel Del Coronado. I am so blessed to not only love my mother-n-law but my sister-n-law(Billie) as well. We had such a great time. Cleo and Jade would relax at the lounge while Billie and I headed off for messages and to play on the beach. We could just lay there reading our people magazine without having to chase , referee or even rescue anyone. Then we moved on to the adult pool. Who even knew that kind of thing existed. I did not even have to jump in and save anyones kid . This is a good thing. We had fabulous dinners ,wines and even deserts. I think I could live this life. We laughed , shopped, and layed in the sun. PERFECT!!
Scott got to spend some special quality time with the kids. He is not as thankful for these little get aways as I am. Actually he was so sweet the house was even clean when I got home. He made all the kids play out front while they waited for me to get home. This was the only way to ensure the house stayed clean. Thanks babe for having the wisdom to know this was just what I needed. I can be a better wife with the wine.... Oh I ment with these breaks.
Hotel Del
This is the view from our room . Sooo pretty how can you not the love the sun and the ocean.
Billie and I . After a day of messages and sun. Now on to dinner
Jade and Cleo. Our vacation partners.
The whole group.
Lunch in La Jolla. It just kept getting better
Two happy girls

Cleo Again I can't thank you enough. What a special thing for you to do for us. Love you!
Now I have to go do laundry I am just a little behind.

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