Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cousins Luke B-Day

My nephew Luke is now 5. Time really does fly. We all got together for a party at Grandma Judy's house. It is always fun times when we are all together. As always Billie did a great job ! Uncle Dave with Jake , Shayna, and Luke. No my son will not sink. He is fearless in the water and loves to go under....So we make it so he can't drown.
Jake versus the shark......Jake is winning
Uh Oh........
And its official the shark wins!
Me and my oldest girlie
Ok so here is the deal.......Scott 38 and his brother Mike 40 think they can take Travis and Tyler. They are 18 and 19. Jungle ball is a serious game. With serious bragging rights. They have the desire ....they have the heart...... all that is missing is the 19 year old body. I miss it to.
They fought hard and dirty but still they did not pull off the win.
I think maybe the new rule should be no one over 35 gets to play jungle ball. Scott has asked me to remind him next time how sore he was the next day. I think these pictures should do the trick.
I still love you babe !! Even more than when you were 19 . Oh and if you didn't have arthritis soo bad I know you would have won . See I am a supportive wife !

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