Sunday, August 10, 2008

My little guy

This week was crazy as they all seem to be . Soccer started on Monday and Tuesday then continued on Thursday and Friday. Lucky me we get to be on the soccer field almost every night of the week. In September we will add in Awana on Wednesday night and Volleyball games 2 nights a week oh and soccer games on Saturday. Really I have no idea how I am going to finagle this lovely schedule. The hardest part is trying to figure out dinners. I can only cook so many things in the crock pot. Practices are 5-6 and I really like the kids in bed by 7. Yes I know this will never work. If any one has some good quick recipes please pass them my way.
Heidi's little guys came over to play the other day . They had so much fun ! I love that we are so close. I make them swing this way because i am to lazy to push them constantly. Jake thinks its great ,but Chaz and Anthony were on to my scheme.
So this is what happens when you have older sisters. Even spiderman is mad.
Aunt Kathy got Jake this truck from UPS . He loves cars and trucks .Thanks Aunt Kathy !!Jake does not talk very much but his new word is strong. He grunts while he says it. He needs to be strong with all these girls.

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Alice said...

My recommendation for quick meals - Trader Joe's :) You should check out their newest "newsletter". It's titled: "Summer's Ending. School's A'Coming. Save Some Cash & Make A Meal In No Time At All" Meal Guide. I was skeptical when I read it, but there are some really yummy stuff in there!!! We spent $100 there just the other day... yikes!