Friday, October 24, 2008

My little Man

I love this age! Yes Jake is 2 and I'm not gonna lie I love it. Everything is a new adventure,and anything can become exciting. I love that everyday there are new words ,and that they are said in there own special way. A horse is a hee haw , and a cow is a moo. It is so amazing that I can feel this way again and again. Jake has started saying "I do it ,no help me " . He wants to do everything himself. Then when he gets tired or can't do something he stands in front of me with those big brown eyes , sticks his bottom lip out and says " I a baby mom, I a baby" Then snuggles into my arms. It completely melts my heart. I know exactly how quickly these moments in time pass and I love this moment ! I am so thankful that God gave us this little guy. Yes that is a hammer ! He also sleeps with trucks,cars and last night a baseball. But he is never without his blanket and dog . See there is a soft side.

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