Monday, October 6, 2008

Soccer , Soccer , Soccer

Soccer season is in full swing. Which means on any and every night of the week you will find us on the field. The girls are playing great and even more important having fun. Both the girls team colors are green this year which makes it easy to wear team colors. Yes supportive moms are supposed to do that. Well when you have a cute green shirt that is. There teams are also both in second place. Go Grasshoppers and Gator Girls !!! Taylor scored 2 goals this week . And Sam did a really good job running . She kills me she pumps her little arms so hard and runs so slow ,then she looks over with a smirk on her face and gives me a thumbs up. Eventually I will get a picture of this.
I don't have any new Volleyball pictures this week because she only seems to play when I am not there. She made some great digs and even a few kills this weekend at there tournament. They are also now ranked in the top ten in the county. Not sure what # But I will post it when I find out. They lost tonight to Eldorado . That means a killer practice tomorrow. Hopefully They will win Wednesday night. Go Canyon !!
The team they played on Saturday kept pushing . Taylor got knocked down several times and had her shirt pulled so hard they turned her all the way around. The Ref didn't call any of these offenses. She came off the field and in her squeaky little voice told her coach "what is wrong with that Ref ! Those girls are pushing me all over out there!"

She scored here. Taylor is really good at bringing the ball up the field. She is still working on passing. She is getting better but loves to score and have everyone cheer for her. Who can blame the girl. Thats the best part ! Scott has been telling her that passing and making the assist is just as good as scoring. But she is not convinced. She looks at him like yeah right Dad, and told him that no one cheers and yells out your name for that! She has a point. But I am not encouraging it.
Sammy loves Taylors Coach Hank. He was there softball coach last year and she calls him coachy. He was so sweet and came to see her play last week. This made her day. Look how relaxed my husband is at Sams game. Totally different story at Taylors games !
This is his position at Tays games. How cute is Jake trying already to be like his Dad.
Go Sam ! There is still a case of swarm ball .....But seriously how cute is she.
How many games do we have to go to today??
Grandpa Mel with Taylor , Jake and Sadie the dog
There are those arms. You would think she is the fastest runner ever. But no not so much. She does good though. She is always right there with the ball.
Well after 4 practices ,a soccer clinic,2 games, a pizza party ,and a pool party. This week in soccer is done. Until next week that is.

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