Wednesday, December 24, 2008

American Girls

Well we finally got to go to the American Girl store for Tay's birthday. Once again we all had a great time. Although it took for ever to get there it was worth the wait. My Mom went with us . We had lunch ,and shopped , the dolls got their hair done and the girls got to get matching outfits with there dolls. I know some of you think this is silly. But this is a big deal to little girls. This was such a special treat! Sammy and her doll Mia
Taylor and her new doll Nellie

Ok so some of you know that I am constantly taking the girls especially Sam to the bathroom ...every 5 minutes. No Joke ! So at the store they have these special holders for the dolls. So funny , I had to take a picture. I know I am probably the only one who would do this . But how funny is this.

Me and my little girlies!

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