Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Tree

Every year we head off to the Christams tree Home Depot to pick out our tree. We live in southern California do you know how much trees at all those other places cost ? It is always a challenge to get everyone to agree on the PERFECT tree. Scott always wants to get the first one we look at . We usually do end up with the first one but we have to dig through and make sure. This drives my poor husband crazy! He wants to grab and go . We got our tree all picked out (yes the first one he grabbed) and then the guys who cut the base told us it had a very crooked trunk. So the kids were all excited we got to look again. Scott not as much. He is smart and brings gloves and a knife to cut through the wrapped up trees. I love that guy ! So for the next few weeks our house will smell and look festive ! Merry Merry!

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