Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The End of a Season

Well Volleyball has come to an end. Cate did a great job. Although she did not get to play that much this year I am so proud of how hard she worked. I will miss sitting in the bleachers cheering them on. I know it was emotional for her to end this season both on the court and in her life. I too felt sad . It is so weird to have your children grow up. How do you hold on and let go...... This I think will resonate throughout this year. Sorry It is really harder than I imagined it would be. Well here are some fun shots of Caitlen on Senior night. Way to go little one. Now you can get ready for Water Polo!
The Seniors

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Anonymous said...

March 15
dear gayers
happy birthday Daniel hope every one back to work though I doubt it I going to file the income tax

I hear Barak is gona send me some money
I should be stimulated
I am fine

Uncle Ed