Thursday, April 16, 2009

Horses and Motorcycles

Last week our friends The Hausers invited us out to there house to play. They have amazing property out in Murrietta. I so want to live there ! We are so thankful they let us intrude on them. We are quite a herd when we are all together. We all had such a good time. We got to ride horses, motorcycles, and even a golf cart. To see the excitement in there eyes as they rode was priceless. It really was a perfect day. I so enjoy the family God has blessed me with. Some days are rough and I want to sell them to the circus. But this was not one of those days. So thanks Marc and Kelly for this perfect day ! You have no idea how much it means to us.
I couldn't resist so there are alot of pictures. Caitlen and Prince. She loves horses if you can't tell by the permanent smile.
Sammy and Wonder pony.

Jake was so excited and Taylor was happy to play big sister

I even got to ride. It has been so long. What a fun time to share with my kids. I really think I could live this life. If I had some to clean up after the horses.... Oh wait thats right I have 4 little some ones to do that. I for sure want a ranch now !

Cate got to take off on a trail for a while.

Goofing around

Jake could not stop smiling.

He was so happy he got to ride all by himself. He likes to to everything all by himself . So sweet !

And shes off. I think we have created little cowboys for life. Or one cowboy and 3 cowgirls

How sweet is my girl

I love this. It makes my heart happy

Cate and Sydney got to go ride for a little bit. Sydney was so sweet and led the little ones around for most of the day.

This is there beautiful house. They have 5 acres. It is amazing!

Sara is a motorcross champ and is living with the Hausers. When she got home from practice she took the littles for rides. They loved it. She did jumps with them and everything. She was so kind to them. And they still are talking about her.

Tay and Sara

Of course Sam loved it

Tay had fun too.

Jake kept yelling faster ,faster. But when it came time for the jump he said NO JUMP. I was surprised he like to go as fast as he did. I am in big trouble !
It was an amazing day of fun with family and friends.

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