Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Jake

I can't believe my little guy turned two this week. Its funny how it seems he was just born and at the same time like he has been here forever. I truely can not imagine our family without him. I am so blessed for all God has given to us. We had all the family over to celebrate Jake's special birthday. It was a little crazy because it was raining and all the kids had to stay inside. The house feels really small on nights like this. There are 10 cousins now!
Jake loved opening all his presents. He is all boy he loves trucks ,balls and dogs.
Yes Caitlen is holding down his arms. Blowing out candles is a little scary for us. When Sammy was almost three she set her hair on fire blowing out a candle on a table. Very scary to see flames on your childs head. So we are a bit more cautious now. Sammy has taught us alot of things.
My four little monkeys

The boy really likes cake. Actually anything sweet. He still doesn't say very many words but he can say candy. I am so blown away that my heart can be so full of love for this little guy. It never gets old. Even after four kids . The littleset things still amaze me. I am just so thankful God gave me this little guy.

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