Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

I think Mothers Day is the perfect time to start this blog. Personally I really like Mothers Day. I mean I get presents and get to use this day as a threat to all who try and disagree with me. Who wouldn't love that.
We woke up this morning to the normal Sunday crazies. Trying to get all these kids up,dressed,fed,hair brushed, shoes and panies on, and out the door is no easy task. As we were getting in the car I decided I wanted of picture. I know what was I thinking....So after many attempts at the perfect shot I decided it was time to go. But Scott and the girls thought presents would be better. I thought about how we were going to be late for Church. But quickly realized it was more important to take the the time for them. Well and I was getting presents.
They gave me perfume and bubble bath. Sammy made a beautiful pin that I got to wear today and Tay made me a flower pen. Scotty thank you for always making me feel so special.
After Church we made the mad dash home to try and hide the way we really live. Everyone had a mess to clean or disguise so my family could come over for lunch. I know this could not have happened without Caitlens help. Thanks ! It is so great to have my Mom so close. I am so thankful to have her example on how to be such a great Mom. We had a fun day. They all left at 4:30 and at 5:00 we headed over to Aunt Billies to celebrate with Scotts family. Scott was even able to make it for desert. (he had to work) Jake was so tired. He played all day with no nap. He was a real trooper not even 1 melt down just a dazed look. You will have to ask cate about the swing. What a perfect day filled with family .Thanks Billie for a yummy dinner. I am doubly blessed to have Cleo so close as well. Thanks for always being there for us. Happy Mother's Day

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