Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Soccer Season

This was a tough season for our little roadrunners. Seriously look at how big these amazon children are. Our team was small and young but played great. Of course we had the best coach. I will miss this team. It is rare that you get a team with such great parents. Practices were so fun because there were so many people to talk to. Lets just be honest if I am going to sit or(chase Jake) on the Field 3 days a week then I need fun people to hang with. I can't imagine how next year will compare. Taylor played so great. I am amazed at how she can run into a crowd of kids and always come out with the ball. She is tuff and seems to have a natural gift for this game. She tells me she loves to run and steal the ball from the other girls and score. Go Tay! It is so fun to watch her play. No I am not to proud you should see her play . :) It was so fun for Scott to be able to go to most of her games while he was between jobs. He always has to work weekends so this was a real treat. Scott is working in Irvine now which is a lot closer than he was before. Which is great ! I am so thankful to have a husband who takes such great care of us. Even though these last two months should have been crazy stressful God showed us his grace . As I started back to work Scott was off. Huge blessing! The girls are finally adjusting to me being back. I work about 2 days a week. It is a nice break and still enables me to spend most of my time with the kids. This month I only had to work one day. I have prayed so long about whether or not to go back,and how it would impact my family. I am just so glad God has made it work better than I even hoped. I don't know why I struggle to give things over to Him I know He has it in His hands. Pastor Mike was talking about prayer on Sunday and the different answers we receive, (yes,no,wait) well I am always up for the yes answers,and really could do without the no's and the waits.I mean really who likes to wait, or worse be told NO. But God has a perfect plan in spite of my short comings and I look forward to seeing what He has in store. Enjoy these pictures of Tay versus the amazon girls. She looks so scrawny! I love that little girl !

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