Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Swim Season is over

This time of year is always filled with mixed emotions. On one hand I am so happy to not have to go to any more practices and games or run the snack bar. But part of me really loves those things and misses them on the off season. Well not the snack bar. Who would miss that.
Caitlen did great this year. I am truely amazed at how hard she works she is at school from 6:45 am till 6:00 pm every day. This swim season she qualified for finals but did not get to go because they only take the top 4 from each school for each event and she was number 5 . We are so proud of her !! Even though I complain about keeping 3 small children occupied on those stupid bleachers for 3 hour swim meets twice a week . I wouldn't miss it for anything. So here are a few shots of many of her in the pool. Seriously can you believe I took these shots? I know ! I am even holding a squirming baby and trying to keep them all out of the pool. No easy job I must say. I am shocked and surprised that not one of them has fallen in yet. There is always next year.

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Alice said...

Wow!!! Good job Mom -- no kids in the pool all season?!? That is quite an accomplishment :)

Great job, Caitlen!!! You look strong!