Sunday, September 7, 2008

I now have a Senior

See there is that look. Are you seriously going to take my picture. Yes Cate I am ! And then I am going to post it on my blog for all to see. One of the benefits to having a teenager. Everything you do is embarrassing. It truly is the best thing about this age. HEHEHE

I now have a senior. I know it sounds crazy , and I am not referring to my parents. Caitlen started her senior year this past week. I am amazed at how quickly life goes. It seems like yesterday I was graduating from high school. And although I am excited for all this year and the ones to come will hold for her, my heart breaks a little to realize my role in her life will be changing. I know I have done my best (don't ask her yet she will say I suck, give it a year or 5) to raise her . Not just to be a great person or some one who does great things . But to be a girl who loves God with all her heart and desires to serve Him. So please keep us both in your prayers. I think wisdom and patience would be a great start !

So after all thees years of first days of school you would think my daughter would be prepared to smile one last time. I mean this is the last first day of High School! So here are a few of those all to special shots. In case there is any doubt YES the first day of college will be documented. How could it not Its the FIRST!!

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