Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A day in the life .......of a CRAZY person!!

Today was one of the all to typical days in our week. So sit back and laugh at what I did today.

6:30~ The morning started off a little busy because we were running late last night because of soccer and didn't get showers in. I know gross yet not the grosses thing I have seen as a mom. Not even close. I feed them, dress them and even brush there hair and teeth, get all things needed together for school. Ooops except for the library book for Sam. Sorry Sam! And we 're off. To school that is.
8:00~ I help out on Tuesdays in the class . So Scott had Jake, and I got to play school with the girls. I do enjoy being there to help. Although I have no desire to do it all day every day. Thankfully there teachers are amazing. Today is half day so the kids are out at 12:10. I load them all in and we are off again.
12:30~ Now home to make a quick lunch, do homework and pick up Caitlen.
1:00~ Ok now for the fun part .....Caitlen needs a passport for her upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic. So on are way to get it we stop to get a birthday present for a party at 2:00 , and drop off a bill. Just in time to make our 1:30 appointment. We get all the paperwork filled out and I show my id . Which the lady informs me is expired. I had no idea! I never even got anything in the mail. No id no passport for her. So I call Scott and he drops off my passport on his way to the kids party. Crises solved! I also needed his license number for the check (to pay for the passport) because they wouldn't take my expired one. I guess I will be going to the DMV tomorrow !
2:15~ I meet up with Scott and the kids at the party. It is an ice skating party.Yes we all skated. I think this counts as a date. It was so fun to skate with the kids. I had roller skating flashbacks and made Scott hold my hand as we went around. Just once ,I know I am a dork. Scott is good at everything he trys he is even a better ice skater than me. Well its time to divide and concur again.
4:00~ I am off to work the snack bar for Volley ball and watch Caitlen play . She did a great job! and Scott finished up the party and took the girls to soccer5~6. Then they met us at the gym for the end of the games. No the day is not done.
7:30~ Home , Dinner , more homework , and finally bed at 8:30 not to bad considering. No they did not get a shower which means another early morning. Or maybe they will just be grimy tomorrow.Lucky for everyone they don't stink yet. All in all not to bad. now that they are all asleep I can do laundry, dishes ,and scrape all 3 meals off the floor.Of course there is food on the floor. I think a dog would really cut down on my work load! And tomorrow we get to do a different version of the same madness.
For all of you who think it will be sooo much easier when they get older....... I am sorry to be the voice of reality. I would love to say this is not how we normally live. But that would be a lie. Here are a few shots of my sweet kids .
Caitlen crawled in Jakes crib to snuggle. She to is exhausted after her day.
Sam steals Jakes binkies ! We do not encourage this behavior but she is sneaky.
3 out of 4 is not to bad. At least she is in the bed. sometimes that is the best I can hope for. I can make them stay in bed but I can not make them sleep. Have a great night.

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