Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th

As we remember this tragic day in our history I am reminded yet again how thankful and grateful I am to have been off 7 years ago. It could have so easily been a flight I was on. Being a flight attendant I think of this day every single time I step on to the plane. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who lost so much on that day.

I was on a flight to San Francisco this morning for a training class. As I sat listening to my ipod looking out the window I was once again in awe of all that God has created. My heart was so touched I wanted to cry. I am challenged to not waist a single minute God has given. So many went to work that day to do there normal every day job.....Never to return. When people die we often think of our own life, and are touched to do or be more. As a Christian I have given my life to Christ. But can people always tell. I would love to say yes but that I am sure would be a lie. So on this day of reflection in my own heart I am challenged . Through Christ all things are possible. Even in a girl like me.

So go hug your family and friends tight ! And be more today. I love you all!!!

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