Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This week in sports

This week was the start of our sports madness. Between all of the practices and games there is little else going on over here.

This week Caitlen had 2 volleyball games and a tournament. She made some great digs! After her 3 hour volleyball practices every day, 2 nights a week she is then going to 2 hour water polo practices. Oh to be in high school again.

Taylor played great this week ! On Saturday she scored 4 of the 7 goals. Yes 4 ! The Gator girls won 7-0 . Her coach told her she could have a scoop of ice-cream for each goal. Although she could have easily eaten 4 I made her settle for 2. Way to go Tay!

Sam had her first game of the year on Saturday. She played so good! I love to see the concentration on her little face. The grasshoppers won 4-0 . Good job Sam! We didn't even have to go in the nasty park bathroom. This is an amazing thing we usually go about 4 times. I guess it was my lucky day.


Alice said...

Three (active) athletes in one family... wow!!! Your girls are so adorable :) I love all the actions shots... great job, MOM!!!

babyrndeb said...

that Taylor reminds of my Erika - so focused and athletic (naturally)...maybe she'll get a scholarship for some sport one day :)