Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4th of July

Happy 4th of July !! We Celebrated the day with a neighborhood block party. Jon and Kathy have us all over every year. We swim , bbq , and walk to the park to see the fireworks. I love this day. It is so fun to hang out with everyone. We have great neighbors ! There are a lot of pictures but they were all so cute I couldn't help myself . And by now you have to know I love to take pictures.
Jake loved the fireworks. He was not afraid at all. Tay on the other hand was not a fan.
Caitlen and Jaime were along for the ride
The park is about a mile from our house so we load up the strollers and the wagons and head on down. Some of us love this tradition and some of them fight it every year. The fireworks are right over our heads so we lay on the blankets and it looks like it is raining sparks.

my guys
Jake loves to swim. He is fearless . He loves to jump off the side and goes underwater. He swims all over the pool with only the help of all his floaties.
Sammy girl
This year Taylor has really become a great little swimmer and jumper
Taylor and Kathy before the fireworks started

Taylor jumped or cannon balled off the board all day .
Samantha the little model
This picture cracks me up. They are just about to jump off the board. I think Cate might be worried.

Hope you all had as much fun as we did. Thanks Jon and Kathy for having us over to play!

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