Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hume Lake

The start to our vacation this year was crazy. We had planned to leave when Scott got off work on Monday night. I was scheduled to fly but didn't think I would get a trip. Well I was wrong not only did I get a trip but I was not scheduled to get home till 11pm. We were not going to let that ruin our short little trip. The plan was to leave when I got home and this way the kids would sleep the whole way to Hume. (about 6 hours) Well Things never quite go the way they are supposed to...... My flight got delayed and I got stuck in Denver. I begged to not stay there and they let me fly into Ontario instead of LAX.They wanted me to not fly out until the next day which would have ment we could not go on our vacation. I got in around midnight and Scott and the kids picked me up. We stopped by LAX to get the stuff I had in my car for the trip and off we went.
Hume Lake holds such a special place in my heart. My grandparents,parents and Aunt and Uncles built our cabin when I was 2. I have been going there my whole life. Caitlen had Volleyball and had to stay home with my parents. It is never the same without her there. We had so much fun hiking,fishing,swimming,playing games and eating lots of ice-cream. I feel so blessed to have such a fun family. Again there are lots of pictures and my attempt to put a video on here. Scott had to load the car since I was stuck in Denver one of the things that got left behind was my good camera. Thankfully I had this one in my purse.

They all want to be the first to catch a fish. We caught about 15 this night. Scott would sneek out of the cabin at dusk so he could actually fish.Instead of doing all the work and letting the kids reel them in.
Taylor the adventurer

They almost killed each other but I got the shot. Note to self not a good idea to have them both on the swing.
Really is it surprising the kids are so twisted?

He looks like a natural to me! How cute is he
What do we do now Dad?

Of course the girls fish. They love to throw them back after they hold them.
Hiking with mom. The girls look so little here.

Jake loves spoons. If he has ice-cream in a cone he has to use a spoon. actually he needs a spoon for everthing he eats even popcorn.
Sammy trying to push Taylor away from her.

Scott was so excited to help Jake catch his first fish. This is a big deal in our family. Jake did not want to touch the fish but later he really got into it.Hopefully this video works because it is really cute.

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Alice said...

I'm glad you were able to go to Hume! The fishing video is adorable! How sweet that Scott was so patient with the kids to help them fish :) I'm sorry Caitlen wasn't able to go... we had fun on our week at Hume though :) What a fun tradition for you and your family!!!